“Invalid License Data” after VS 11 Beta to VS 2012 RC Upgrade

clip_image001We’ve been seeing reports of some users hitting an “Invalid License Data” error on VS startup after upgrading from VS 11 Beta to VS 2012 RC. This could be due to upgrading from a “higher” Beta SKU (e.g. Ultimate) to a “lower” RC SKU (e.g. Professional).

Fortunately, the fix is simple. Go to the Windows Programs and Features control panel and uninstall the Visual Studio 11 Beta.

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  1. André Poffo says:

    Ok, but this not resolved my problem.

    The problem persists.

    I upgrade from 2012 Ultimate RC to 2012 Professional RC and this message occurs.

  2. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi André, Do you mean Ultimate 11 Beta to Professional 2012 RC? Have you tried a repair of the 2012 RC installation?

  3. Alex says:

    I get this errror on a fresh install on a new machine, never had any other VS on it

  4. Any updates on this thread?  I have come across the same issue 2012 Ultimate Trial installed on 2/14/13, uninstalled on 3/18/2013, installed 2012 Premium (MSDN licensed) on 3/19/2013 and same error from this thread.

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