Visual Studio @ UserVoice

We now have an official site for Visual Studio on UserVoice! Please use this as a way to send suggestions and feature requests to the Visual Studio team. For specific bugs and errors, please continue to use Microsoft Connect.

Visual Studio Extensions and Build Servers

From time to time, we see questions around building a project created with the Visual Studio 2010 SDK on a build server (e.g. Team Foundation Build, TeamCity, CC.NET, etc…). The primary misconception that folks have is that you must install Visual Studio 2010 + SDK on the build server. In this post, I’ll walk through…


PerfWatson – Automatically report responsiveness issues in Visual Studio 2010

We’ve just released a new extension on the Visual Studio Gallery called PerfWatson. Have you ever seen this dreaded error message? Microsoft Visual studio is waiting for an internal operation to complete. If you regularly encounter this delay during normal usage, please report this problem to Microsoft. Well, now you actually can report these problems…