Custom Extension Types with VSIX

I just posted an article entitled “Custom Extension Types with VSIX” on the Visual Studio Blog.

Check it out if you’re interested in distributing custom content (not necessarily code) as a Visual Studio extension.

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  1. Yury Serdyuk says:

    Hi, Aaron !

    I would like to know how to support a highlighting of user-defined keywords in Visual Studio 2010?

    The old solution was based on using of usertype.dat file.

    But how to do that now ?


  2. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi Yury,

    This isn’t a feature I’m very familiar with. Have you followed the steps in this doc topic exactly? It seems that this should still work in 2010:

    If the steps there don’t work, can you please file a bug report on Microsoft Connect so that this issue gets addressed in a hotfix or service pack?



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