Consolas : Default Editor Font in VS 2010

Yesterday, the folks responsible for building the core text editor in Visual Studio announced that Consolas (10pt) will now be the default font in Visual Studio 2010.

So long Lucida Console!

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  1. Mark V says:

    I really don’t understand why something as simple as font rendering – which we’ve been doing quite successfully for DECADES now – has become so complex that it seems impossible to get clear text on the screen…

    BlurType ™ [misleadingly referred to as "ClearType" in marketing-weasel-speak] is HORRIBLE. Why on earth would ANYONE want bizarre color fringes on the text they look at all day? Yes, I’ve tried the BlurType color tuner – I can make the bizarre color fringes different, but no matter what they still appear. And they still look like absolute CRAP.

    OK, I understand that VS2010 simply can’t display FON fonts any more (though why such a rock-solid technology would be abandoned is completely beyond me), but can’t someone build a set of TTF fonts for COURIER and the other popular FON fonts (and no, courier NEW doesn’t cut it)?

    In case anyone’s wondering, the test case is actually quite simple: display a file in VC2008 with COURIER 10 and the same file in VC2010 with your proposed solution. Now, if even 1/3 of a pixel is different, you’re not done yet!

  2. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi Mark,

    We’ve received a lot of feedback on font rendering in WPF and specifically Visual Studio 2010 from lots of customers. Since this isn’t an area I have much direct involvement with, I would suggest contacting the folks on the WPF Text blog (



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