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One of the new features we plan on shipping for VS 2010 that I've been heads down on for the past few months is the "Extension Manager". I'll be posting more details about it here over the next several months.

For the meantime, you can hear more about it (and see some very early mockups) in Dr. Tim Wagner's PDC talk. The part about the Extension Manager starts around 50:20. The earlier parts of the talk discuss some of the other new features that we're working on, including the new MEF-based editor extensibility model, the VS Gallery, and a general introduction to VS extensibility.

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  1. As Cameron blogged in Visual Studio Team System 2010 Architecture: Prologue , the DSL Tools team have

  2. Aaron Marten says:

    Jason Zander , the General Manager for Visual Studio, has just announced some more details (with screenshots)

  3. Aaron Marten says:

    Somasegar (VP in charge of DevDiv) has just blogged that Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 has been released

  4. juggler says:

    Extension Manager is built into VS 2010.

    In Visual Studio 2008, we can’t use Extension Manager.

    Is there any possible to make Extension Manager as an Add-in For Visual Studio 2008? Download and install for VS 2008?

  5. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi ‘juggler’,

    This is by design. Extension Manager relies on some new functionality and architectural changes in VS 2010 (MEF, pkgdef, VSIX, etc…).

    For getting extensions into VS 2008, you can browse the content on http://www.visualstudiogallery.com to find downloadable extensions.



  6. VS2008SP1 User says:

    You can get extensions from the gallery but how do you disable them or uninstall them afterwards for VS 2008?

  7. jkellywilkerson says:

    I can download and install extensions from the gallery, but how do you disable or uninstall them in VS 2008?

  8. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi 'jkellywilkerson',

    Most VS extensions that plug in to 2008 can be uninstalled via Add/Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel.

    Regards, Aaron

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