IronPython Studio

Ever since we first released the IronPythonIntegration sample in the Visual Studio SDK, one of the constant requests we receive is along the lines of "where can I download and install it without having to build it?". IronPython Studio is the IronPythonIntegration sample running in an instance of the Visual Studio Shell. Very cool! Check…


We are Hiring

The Visual Studio Ecosystem Group (includes the Visual Studio SDK + DSL Tools) is hiring! If you’d like to come help us continue to improve and refine the Visual Studio SDK and the DSL Tools, please get in touch with us. The open positions are in both Redmond, WA, USA and in Cambridge, UK.


Visual Studio 2008 has Shipped!

We’ve just released Visual Studio 2008 to manufacturing and the web! MSDN subscribers can go download the bits immediately. I’ve already been seeing questions from folks about when a compatible version of the Visual Studio SDK will be available. The bad news is, not quite yet. The good news is that we think we have…


Big News for VSX from TechEd Europe

Earlier today, Soma (VP for Microsoft Developer Division) announced some big news for VSIP partners and folks doing VSX: Visual Studio 2008 is almost ready for release, and will RTM this month! “As a response to our partners’ request, we are going to remove license restrictions with Visual Studio and the Visual Studio SDK to…


Speaking at DevTeach in Vancouver

I’ll be presenting a session entitled “An Introduction to Visual Studio Extensibility” at the upcoming DevTeach conference in Vancouver, BC, Canada at the end of November. Also from the VSX Team, James Lau is drilling into the details of creating your own Visual Studio Shell, and Ken Levy is giving the conference keynote address! Looks…


Hot off the servers: CoDe Magazine on VSX

This has already been mentioned on the VSX Team blog, but CoDe Magazine has just published a special “Focus Edition” version of the publication centered around VSX! You can read the entire magazine on their site, or download a PDF copy. Be sure not to miss some of the great articles here including an interview…


Visual Basic Support for Visual Studio Packages

We’ve just posted the Visual Basic Pack for the Visual Studio 2005 SDK Version 4. This is an add-on pack which adds Visual Basic versions of most of the C# samples as well as a Visual Basic version of the Package Wizard. Also, we will be supporting Visual Basic in the first version of the…


Why can’t I show the "Add New Items" dialog in a WPF flavored project?

If you’ve downloaded and tried out the IronPythonIntegration sample in the July/August 2007 CTP of the VSSDK, you may have noticed the addition of WPF project support for IronPython projects. We’ve had questions from folks also trying to add this support to their project systems around trouble getting the “Add New Item” dialog to appear….


Visual Studio 2008 SDK for Beta 2 – Re-Released

Last week, we released the Visual Studio 2008 SDK – July  2007 CTP targeting Beta 2. As James detailed on his blog, there were some rough edges if you were trying to get started with the new Visual Studio Shell. In an effort to address these problems as quickly as possible, we’ve fixed the problems around…