IronPython 1.0 has shipped!

As has been announced all over the Internet, the IronPython team shipped their 1.0 release this past week. As a big fan and user of IronPython, let simply say Congratulations to the team!

For all those times where there was some new .NET API or class that I needed to learn and experiment with, I used to fire up VS and create a simple C# WinForms or Console application. No longer! I now just fire up ipy.exe and new up some objects.

As a note about the VSSDK and IronPython 1.0...our latest CTP release (August 2006) was locked down in late July 2006, and as such, does not have the final 1.0 IronPython bits. However, for our "RTM" quality version 3 of the VS 2005 SDK, we will be shipping IronPython 1.0 inside it for the IronPythonIntegration sample. This RTM Version 3 of the SDK which includes IronPython 1.0 bits will be the September 2006 version and should hit the web sometime before the end of September. We're going through final testing and security reviews now, so the end is in sight.

In the meantime, I would highly encourage anyone working on any project related using the .NET framework to check our IronPython. As a start, I also recommend the excellent tutorial that is included in IronPython.

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