Visual Studio 2005 SDK (December 2005 CTP) Released

Earlier this week, we released the December 2005 CTP version of the Visual Studio SDK. We're calling it a CTP simply because we don't plan to have all the features and samples from this cycle completed for another few months. However, there are a few noteworthy things in this SDK that make it something I would highly encourage you to check out. Included new features include:

  • As Josh mentioned, we are now shipping a collection of mock objects (in C++) that you can use for native Visual Studio package development. This includes a mock implementation for almost every interface Visual Studio exposes. This is a HUGE feature if you're writing a package using C++ and want to do unit testing.
  • IronPython Integration: I'm personally very excited about this. We've included the beginnings of a project system, console window, and language service supporting IronPython. It's not by any means completed yet, but you do get python language colorization and some debugging support. Note that currently, we are only shipping this in source code form, so you'll have to agree to the Visual Studio SDK license to get the IronPython Visual Studio features.
  • SCC Support for Managed Package Framework - based project systems. We've had several customers asking us about this for a long time. There are a few minor bugs with it (which will be fixed by final release), but if you derive from our project system base classes, I would highly recommend checking out this CTP for this feature alone.
  • And of course, updated/new documentation

And always, please send us feedback, comments, and bug reports on the Visual Studio SDK.

Comments (4)

  1. Keith Farmer says:

    Got a couple problems with the IronPython integration.

    First off, while I could get PythonProject to display in the new projects dialog, and it’d create a new pyproj from template, it wouldn’t display anything in the solutions window.

    Secondly, the start-from-experimental-hive command has now stopped working, giving "cannot find one or more components". I’ve tried an uninstall/reinstall of the sdk to no avail.

  2. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi Keith,

    Try doing a “reset experimental hive” from the VSSDK start menu group to make the exp hive match your “main” installed hive. Basically, this will copy HLKMSoftwareMicrosoftVisualStudio8.0 to HLKMSoftwareMicrosoftVisualStudio8.0Exp in the registry. You’ll then need to rebuild the IronPython projects to re-register them in the Experimental hive.

    I’m not sure about the problem you described with the project templates though. Did you build both the Project and MSBuild samples? Let me know if there’s anything else I can help out with.



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