Visual Studio CTP / VSIP Versioning Problems

I've been seeing a lot of emails and posts about people wondering how they can get VSIP 2005 Beta 1 to work with the December 2004 CTP release of VS 2005. The answer is that you can't and shouldn't. When changes are made to interfaces, classes, assemblies, Visual Studio, corresponding changes are made in VSIP. You will always need a matching build of VS & VSIP to play nicely together. If you are a MSDN Universal subscriber, you can download a version of the VSIP SDK that will work with the December 2004 CTP release at the MSDN Download Center.

Happy Extending!

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  1. Steve Millar says:

    the link you provided goes to the MS download home page but there seems to be no VSIP for Dec 2004 CTP download on that page. Searching didn’t yield anything either. We are an MS partner building a VSIP package and are currently using the B1 matched set. We’d desperately love to try the CTP matched set but can’t seem to find the VSIP SDK you speak of. Do you have a more specific link to the dowbload?


    Steve Millar


  2. Aaron Marten says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’m not personally involved with publishing CTP releases, but from my understanding, the only way to download the VSIP SDK for CTP builds is to have a MSDN Universal subscription. You should see a link for the VSIP SDK near where you downloaded the corresponding version of VS.


    Aaron Marten [MSFT]

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