Intellisense/Colorization broken before build on VSSDK Samples/Wizard-generated projects

In both the October 2005 RTM and December 2005 CTP releases of the Visual Studio SDK, you may notice some odd behavior with building packages generated by the package wizard. This may include: No colorization on the MPF based classes A single warning before you even build that says “The destination resource can be omitted…

Visual Studio 2005 SDK (December 2005 CTP) Released

Earlier this week, we released the December 2005 CTP version of the Visual Studio SDK. We’re calling it a CTP simply because we don’t plan to have all the features and samples from this cycle completed for another few months. However, there are a few noteworthy things in this SDK that make it something I…


Visual Studio 2005 SDK Ships!!!

If you have the final release of Visual Studio 2005, you can now download the corresponding Visual Studio SDK from the following location: Note that you’ll have to have a vsipmembers login and agree to the EULA before downloading. Enjoy, and remember to post questions on the Visual Studio Extensibility Forums.

An last but not least…

Chetan C has also started blogging! Chetan’s primary focus is testing and improving the Visual Studio Automation Object model (otherwise known as DTE).

Two new blogs!

There are 2 new blogs for you to add to your RSS reader if you’re interested in writing addins and packages for Visual Studio: Anthony Cangialosi will be blogging about the Visual Studio SDK. He doesn’t have much there yet, but stay tuned. Huizhong Long owns testing of Visual Studio Addins. She’s already put up…

Visual Studio SDK September CTP Now Available for Download!

The September CTP of the Visual Studio SDK is now available for download. Please note that this CTP should be used to develop packages targeting the VS August CTP. I know it can be kind of confusing about which VSSDK matches which VS release, so here is a mapping for convenience: Visual Studio 2005 Beta…

New VSIP/Visual Studio SDK Downloads Page

There’s a pleasant surprise waiting for you over at (Update: June 2008 : is no longer owned by Microsoft apparently.) The page has been re-organized to be much easier to read and use. Also, you can get the latest “preview” releases of the Visual Studio SDK (which is replacing the current VSIP SDK)….

Agile 2005 Conference

I’m fortunate enough to be attending the Agile 2005 Conference next week in Denver. Hope to see you there! Yikes…It’s been a while since I’ve posted. After I get back, I’ll make the Interface of the Week posts a little more regular. In the meantime, check out the all new Visual Studio SDK Preview! We’ve been…

Visual Studio SDK for June CTP now available

For all of you who like to live on the cutting edge (or who were waiting for bug fixes since Beta 2), the Visual Studio SDK (formerly VSIP SDK) for the June 2005 CTP is Visual Studio is now available. Enjoy!

IVsMonitorSelection Article

I’ve posted the Interface of the Week article on IVsMonitorSelection. Enjoy! I’d be interested in your feedback, especially if you think short articles like this would be helpful to continue with.