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Do you have a great idea for an article, blog entry, sample, etc...that would help you out with writing packages? What do you find the most difficult or frustrating about VSIP and what can Microsoft do to make your experience better? We would love to hear more ideas from customers, so please feel free to send us feedback!

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  1. Jesse Ezell says:

    That all the frickin integration is COM/C++ code. Give me a break! This is VS.NET not VS.COM.

  2. AaronM says:

    I (personally) agree Jesse. VSIP Extras will do a lot to allow you to write integration in managed (.NET) code, and Whidbey will improve on this even more.

  3. Kent Tegels says:

    More how-tos and demos, or at least pointers to them.

  4. You have been Taken Out! Thanks for the good post.

  5. GMilano says:

    For me the best way to understand some interface is to have a good sample to see how use it.

    Additionally I would like to have a list of VSIP bloggers and a place to find a "how to", in this place people could be available to add a new how to.

    In my blog I have a couple of "how to" and samples


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