Being Prompted to Save Your Process Guidance?

I’ve heard from a few customers that after installing Team Foundation Server 2010 with SharePoint 2010 they are now being prompted to save process guidance when opening it from within their Team Explorer.  SharePoSharePoint 2010 has changed their default security settings such that you may be prompted to save HTML files when opening them from…

MSF Agile/CMMI 5.0 Process Guidance

The final versions of the MSF Agile 5.0 and MSF CMMI 5.0 process guidance for Visual Studio 2010 are now live on MSDN.  

Process Guidance Now Online in Team Foundation Server 2010

One of the big changes made to the Agile & CMMI process templates in 2010 was to move the guidance outside of the process template itself and into MSDN (the guidance was shipped in past versions as a set of HTML files provisioned on SharePoint at the project creation).  There were many contributing factors to…