Agile Project Management with TFS 2010

I posted an update on slideshare to my Scrum with TFS 2010 presentation.  The slide deck walks through in detail how to do Scrum with the new MSF for Agile 5.0 process template.  The deck goes into detail on managing your product backlog, planning a sprint, and running a sprint.

image image image

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  1. lprada says:

    Do you have the audio of the presentation? Great PPT.

  2. Aaron Bjork says:

    Sorry Leonardo, no audio at this point.  I’m planning to record a presentation of it at some point though and I’ll be sure to post it when I do.

  3. flaviomedeiros says:

    Great work. Can I translate and use it internally on my company and/or community events here in Brazil ?

  4. Aaron Bjork says:

    Sure thing Flavio.

  5. lpellerin says:

    Maybe I missed something, but I didn’t find any mention of a Story Points Burndown graph in MSF Agile 5.0. I am currently using TFS 2010 RC to track progress on our project and that report is nowhere to be found.

  6. Aaron Bjork says:

    lpellerin – You’re right that a Story Points burndown is not included in the out of the box RDL reports.  We do include a story point Excel chart though that is provisioned in the SharePoint library.  Go to the Excel Reports library and look for "User Story Progres" –

    That chart can easily be customized to provide a burndown of Story Points.  A release burndown chart by points is on our backlog.

  7. says:

    Excelent PPT Aaron.

    Hopefully this isn’t an obvious question answered many times before.

    We are moving from to 2010 and I haven’t found how to handle non-functional requirements in MSF Agile 5.0.

    We currently use the QoS WIT linked to Senarios and then Test Cases for the QoS’s.

    Would you suggest we substitute our QoS’s with non-functional User Stories?

  8. Amit says:

    From where I can download the presentation. please share the link. Thanks

  9. Vik says:

    @Aaron – you said "A release burndown chart by points is on our backlog."

    Any updates on that?

  10. Aaron Bjork says:

    Yes… we've got a release burndown based on effort/points in our next version of the Scrum process template.  We've also got built in velcoity and burndown charts (live updates) in the next version of Web Access.  Does that help Vik?  

  11. Madhusudan says:

    Hi, You must also include rollup queries for requirements/backlog items – mark a backlog item as 'Done' on completion of 'all' tasks. It would also help immensely if additional help is available on the Burn down rdl files (available out of the box in Scrum template) – it is very difficult to understand and modify portions of this file for customising your reports. Thanks.

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