“AaronLocker” videos on YouTube

7 minute “Intro to ‘AaronLocker’,” a set of PowerShell scripts that automate AppLocker-related tasks to achieve robust, practical, customizable, and maintainable application whitelisting for Windows.  https://youtu.be/nQyODwPR5qo 13 minute “AaronLocker Quick Start:” how to build, customize, and deploy robust and practical AppLocker rules quickly using AaronLocker. https://youtu.be/E-IrqFtJOKU


“AaronLocker” moved to GitHub

“AaronLocker” is a robust, practical, and free PowerShell-based application whitelisting solution for Windows, built on Windows AppLocker. Earlier posts with description here and here. Rather than continuing to attach zip files to blog posts, I have moved the “AaronLocker” materials, including scripts and documentation, to GitHub: https://github.com/Microsoft/AaronLocker. Among other things, this will make it easier to…


“AaronLocker” update (v0.91) — and see “AaronLocker” in action on Channel 9!

“AaronLocker” is a robust, practical, PowerShell-based application whitelisting solution for Windows. See it in action in this new Defrag Tools episode on Channel 9! [Update 28 January 2019: content moved to GitHub] This update to the original 0.9 release includes these improvements: Documentation updates, particularly in the area of Group Policy control; Blocks execution from…


ANNOUNCING: Application whitelisting with “AaronLocker”

[Update 11 Oct 2018: “AaronLocker” v0.91 released] Announcing the pre-release (v0.9) of “AaronLocker:” robust and practical application whitelisting for Windows. AaronLocker is designed to make the creation and maintenance of robust, strict, AppLocker-based whitelisting rules as easy and practical as possible. The entire solution involves a small number of PowerShell scripts. You can easily customize…