Sysinternals at TechEd US 2014: LIVE

Sorry for the late notice, but I just saw this:

Sysinternals Primer: TechEd 2014 Edition will be airing live on Channel 9 starting at 5pm Central Daylight Time today.  (That's in just over 4 hours from now as I write this.)

Not sure about the link - try either


[Update 5 September 2014:  the App Install Recorder scripts I demoed needed a major revamp but they've been posted.]

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  1. Julian says:

    Hi Aaron,

    Any chance of sharing the powershell scripts? I've a 16-bit app that I want to run on 64bit W7 and wanted to try your process.



    [Aaron Margosis]  As I worked with them more, I came across some limitations that have required some rewrite to get around.  Almost done.  Sorry for the delay.

  2. Julian says:

    Oh, great. Looking forward on trying the script and see if I can migrate the application over.

  3. David says:

    I'm also looking forward to trying those scripts.

    [Aaron Margosis] I've ended up rewriting them.  Need to make sure they're right.

  4. JS2010 says:

    Looking forward to it too.  By the way, is there a free microsoft 'msi capture' tool?

  5. Stefan says:

    Great vid, Aaron, thanks.

    I am also looking for that scripts. I real hope you will manage to finish and share them. TIA! 😉


  6. Stefan says:

    Thank you very much, Aaron.

    I will try it soon, but first comes my vacation now.

    Thanks again


  7. David says:

    Thanks Aaron for the scripts.

    They will be very useful.

  8. guinanji says:

    Wasn't Aaron's demo about capturing a 32 application install that uses a 16 bit installer?  If the installed app itself is also 16 bit, how can it run on 64 bit Windows?

    [Aaron Margosis] No – watch it again.  It's a 16-bit installation program, but it installs 32-bit code.  Very common pattern back in the 1990s, explained in the talk.

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