TechEd sessions on Application Compatibility, Sysinternals utilities, and more

TechEd sessions are available for on-demand viewing.  Here are some recent ones that Chris Jackson (The App Compat Guy) and I have delivered recently on Application Compatibility and more...

 What Everyone Should Know about Application Compatibility
(Aaron Margosis & Chris Jackson)

Inside the Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.6: Finding, Testing and Fixing Applications on Windows 7
(Chris Jackson)

The Black Art of Fixing Busted Applications Part 1: Win32 Application Compatibility
(Chris Jackson)

The Black Art of Fixing Busted Applications Part 2: Web Application Compatibility
(Chris Jackson)

What You Need to Know about Migrating from Internet Explorer 6 to Internet Explorer 8
(Chris Jackson)

Not for the Faint of Heart: Hard Core App Compat Debugging
(Chris Jackson)

Case of the App Compat Bug
(Aaron Margosis)

Aaron's Group Policy and Security Utilities (this one's about my Local Group Policy utilities and IEZoneAnalyzer)
(Aaron Margosis)

Windows Sysinternals Primer: Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and PsExec
(Aaron Margosis & Tim Reckmeyer)


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  1. Drewfus says:


    I have a specific question regarding the CopyProfile unattend setting in WSIM. Compare the situation of installing apps as the Builtin Administrator (Admin Approval Mode: off), and installing apps as another admin with Admin Approval Mode active. Suppose this occurs during auditUser mode. Ok, now presumably due to file and registry virtualization, %localappdata%VirtualStore will not end up the same in each case, and so the Default user profile will be physically different after running Sysprep with CopyProfile: true. Problem or not? Only for the purists, or would it be best just to keep Administrator disabled, and perform all setup tasks as an admin running in AAMode?

  2. Michael Murgolo says:

    Hi Drewfus,

    The auditSystem and auditUser stages of Setup were designed primarily for Original Equipment Manufacturers.  The Microsoft Deployment Tookit (MDT) and Configuration Manager 2007 Operating System Deployment don’t use them for that reason.  Also, auditUser happens after specialize.  The profile copy that is triggered by the CopyProfile setting happens during specialize.  So auditUser is too late for any of that.

    How Configuration Passes Work…/dd744341(WS.10).aspx

    I recommend that you stop building your own deployment solution and learn how to use MDT:…/deployment-walkthrough-videos-now-fully-posted.aspx

    For more on how to correctly use CopyProfile, here are some references:…/configuring-default-user-settings-full-update-for-windows-7-and-windows-server-2008-r2.aspx…/customizing-default-users-profile-using-copyprofile.aspx

    Michael Murgolo…/deploymentguys…/elevationpowertoys

  3. Drewfus says:


    thanks for the links. Let me have a good look at the MDT and i'll post comments and questions here or on one referred blogs.

    Presumably my question above is a non-issue.

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