Aaron Margosis @ Tech*Ed North America 2010

Kind of late to be posting this, but better late than never.  I'm presenting three sessions at Tech*Ed in New Orleans this week:

  • WCL204:  What EVERYONE Should Know About Application Compatibility (co-presenting with Chris Jackson)
  • WCL301:  Case of the App Compat Bug
  • WCL314:  Windows Sysinternals Primer: Process Explorer, Process Monitor, and More (co-presenting with Tim Reckmeyer)

See y'all there!

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  1. BeautyOfLillies says:


    I am having serious problems. I joined a home network and now my laptops been invaded and I need help. I am not longer able to access any administative function. This is what I know, the network has configured tunnels or ports into my system. They have modified my registery and changed the behavior of the BIOS. There are several services and COM ports that have been configured as un-pausable, un-stoppable, and to ignore shut down. The three of most importance are Remote Desktop, Group Server Policy and DComLaunch. All of my computer activity is being tracked and traced, I've lost about 700GB of personal and professional files, my external devices have all been invaded too. I have been tracking hidden files placed with in every piece of equipment I have. I am aware and know for certainty my boyfriend has done this and I believe the initial access was provided through the shared use of flash drives and he would often burn something on a disk and tell me " I should really check it out."


  2. moondino says:


    Perhaps a Microsoft App-Compat blog isnt the best place to ask for computer security help?

    Perhaps this post is probably a worthless effort as the original is from June 18th of this year?


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