Info about LUA Buglight 2.0

I recently did a TechNet webcast about the upcoming LUA Buglight 2.0.

You can view the webcast here, and download the slides here.

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  1. _ryan says:

    why are the slides downloading as .exe?


    [Aaron Margosis]  I was going to say that it’s a self-extracting exe, but my copy of WinZip is not recognizing it as such.  I’ll inquire about that.

    [Aaron Margosis] Went back and verified:  WinZip does recognize it as a self-extracting exe, so you should be able to open it in WinZip without running the exe.

  2. Thell says:


    Excellent job on each of your webcasts!

    Also, I know that Vista is coming on strong, but XP is going to linger on for years and I’m curious if you know of any kind of ‘best practice’ for non-dev end-user application installations.

    Currently I’m using the virtual pc XP evalutation image to ‘evaluate’ an install using Buglight and if it can handle installing/running the app without problems then installing on the host system.  If Buglight doesn’t handle the app nicely I’m either using makemeadmin or not installing (unless it is something that is really needed).  Currently I use three accounts, Administrator (for system administration ie drivers and OEM software), Admin (for Buglight and makemeadmin), then the limited user account.

    It works well, but is a relative pain.  Any recommendations, or any plans for a pre-XP-sunset ‘Guide to LUA’ for end-users?

    Thanks again for the great tools.

    [Aaron Margosis]  Thank you for the kind comments.  Re XP “Guide to LUA”… see the rest of my blog. 🙂  Also note that just because items appear in a LUA Buglight report does not mean that the app doesn’t work for non-admins.  See the blog post about what is and is not a LUA bug.

  3. Don_H says:

    Would you please post your little LUA demo app that misbehaves.

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