Announcing the preview of Domain Management API

Hi all, It is my pleasure to announce the availability of the Domain Management Preview feature in the beta version of Azure AD Graph API. Domain Management allows you to add, verify, update and remove domains associated with your Azure AD tenant. This article shows you how to add a new domain ( to an…


Graph API updates: api-version=1.6 and a new Graph client library

Api-version 1.6 The Azure AD Graph team is very pleased to announce the availability of the next version of Azure AD Graph REST API, api-version=1.6. There are no major changes from 1.5 to 1.6. So you might ask why we’ve revved the version here.  In March of this year, we made some changes to the 1.5…


Full Text Search Capabilities in Azure AD Graph API (preview)

Advanced warning notice:  The Azure AD Graph team will be shutting off this preview capability.  As of September 19th 2016, this feature will no longer be available.  We’d like to hear from you if you have been using this capability, and what you think about it.  We are currently investigating some options around introducing this…


Support for Disjunctive/OR Filter Clauses in the Graph Directory Service

We continue to listen to customers and improve the Graph Directory Service development experience.  Today we’d like to announce support for queries with disjunctive/OR filter clauses.  The previous version of the service allowed filter clauses to be joined solely by the AND logical operator, i.e. such that all filter clauses must evaluate to true for…


Handling Errors from Windows Azure Active Directory Graph Service

All client applications should implement some level of error handling logic to react as gracefully as possible to various conditions and provide the best experience possible to their customers.  This post covers a variety of error conditions that can be returned by the Azure Active Directory Graph Service and explains how each of them can…


Announcing some new capability in Azure Active Directory Graph Service

We have rolled out an update to the Graph service a couple of days back. Here is a brief overview of changes included in this update. We will have individual posts on these topics in the future. Using OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant for delegated access of Azure Active Directory (AAD) via AAD Graph: You…


Windows Azure Active Directory Graph Service – Ready for Production

It’s a big day for us. The AAD Graph service is now Generally Available along with other Azure Active Directory Services. I am pretty sure all of you can relate to the feeling we have today – a big push with some crazy last minute issues culminating with what we feel like is a very nice…


Understanding Azure Active Directory Graph Operations

We mentioned in the last post that AAD Graph is a RESTful service implemented using the OData protocol. We also provided a high level overview of RESTful services and OData protocol. In this post, we will try to provide deeper insights into the operations supported by the Graph service and how to invoke these operations….