Support for Disjunctive/OR Filter Clauses in the Graph Directory Service

We continue to listen to customers and improve the Graph Directory Service development experience.  Today we’d like to announce support for queries with disjunctive/OR filter clauses.  The previous version of the service allowed filter clauses to be joined solely by the AND logical operator, i.e. such that all filter clauses must evaluate to true for…


Enhancing Graph API queries with additional Odata supported queries

I’m excited to share information about additional Odata support and improved paging capability, which will enable more flexible and efficient Graph API queries. We’ve enabled the following in the Graph API: 1. Support for sorting users using $orderby.  The default sort order for listing users is by userPrincipalName – we can now also sort by displayName. …


Walk through for building a .Net application for accessing Windows Azure Active Directory Graph Service

The post provides a walk through for accessing Azure Active Directory (AAD) Graph Service through a .Net application. If you would like to download a full working sample, you can download the sample MVC application from here.  If you would like to learn more about Azure Active Directory Graph Service, visit our previous blog posts. Creating…


Understanding Azure Active Directory Graph Operations

We mentioned in the last post that AAD Graph is a RESTful service implemented using the OData protocol. We also provided a high level overview of RESTful services and OData protocol. In this post, we will try to provide deeper insights into the operations supported by the Graph service and how to invoke these operations….