Graph Explorer gets a new look


You may have noticed that Graph Explorer looks a little different these days.  We've made a few alterations and changes, together with a new improved UI, and we hope to put the source code on Github pretty soon.  The main changes that you'll see are:

  1. Graph Explorer requires users to consent to allow it access to their directory
  2. It has autocomplete capability for entities (to see it click Use Demo Company, and click in the text box)
  3. Support for /me and /myorganization aliases
  4. You can now press Enter/Carriage Return to execute request (small but great addition)
  5. Additional response headers section – we can use this for troubleshooting issues you might have when running queries against Azure AD Graph API
  6. There's now a JSON viewer
  7. No support for displaying thumbnail photo

We hope you'll enjoy using the new version.  We're looking to add some more improvements, like making appropriate responses navigable, and displaying thumbnail photo.

Let us know what you think and if you have any new suggestions.


Comments (1)

  1. Denis says:

    Thank you for working on Graph Explorer.

    Why following limitation…/update-to-graph-api-consent-permissions.aspx not works in Graph Explorer?

    Simple user (non-admin) can grant 'Access your organization’s directory'. What should i do to enable following feature in my AD App?

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