New interactive documentation for Azure AD Graph API


We wanted to point your attention to some great new documentation for Graph API that we've just lit up on MSDN here:  Now you can interactively try out some of our operations (currently only on user and group entities, and the "me" alias) and see the requests and responses inline, right there within the online documentation!

What's more, you can even get code snippets for the operation in your favorite language.  cURL anyone?

We've also moved our reference documentation to this new documentation platform, making it easier to see all of our entities and complex types all in one place.

We hope you like this change, and we'll be adding more operations entries for our other entities over time.  Please let us know what you think! 

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  1. John Combalicer says:

    Very thankful for this. It was really go from one site to another just to complete a certain task.

  2. Jan says:


    In addition to showing how to call the URLs directly, would it be possible to show an example of call it using the Azure AD Graph Client Library?

    For example I am having issues calling " using the library. Calling it directly works fine.

    Calling something like: IUser usr = adClient.Me.ExecuteAsync().Result;

    hangs infinitely.

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