Welcome to Windows Azure Active Directory( AAD ) Graph Team blog! The AAD Graph team is responsible for creating RESTful services that developers can consume to integrate AAD functionality into their applications.

Purpose of the blog

We will use this blog to have a regular and open communication with the developer community by providing updates on our progress, design ideas, walkthroughs, samples  etc. We would also like to hear back from you on what you would like to see in the service and in this blog - any particular functionality that you are missing, any particular samples you would like to see etc.

AAD Graph Overview

Windows Azure Active Directory( AAD ) provides identity management and access control capabilities for your cloud applications. The AAD graph API will let you access the information in the directory through a very simple RESTful service. The AAD graph service is built upon Web technologies like HTTP, JSON and OData and thus it is platform and device independent. You should be able to build your application using your favorite platform whether it be .Net, PHP, Java script, Java etc and should be able to consume the Graph API in a simple manner. There are several classes of cloud applications and the specific needs for these are vastly different. We will try to provide samples and walk throughs for some end to end scenarios on different platforms using Graph API through this blog.

What is available now?

The AAD graph service is currently available as a developer preview here. Since this is a developer preview, please expect some breaking changes as we try to incorporate additional functionality and improve the overall experience.

Additional Resources

You can find more information about Windows Azure Active Directory here.

The MSDN page for AAD graph has some useful links and also includes the documentation for the service end point.  

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