How to Get to the Keys/Secrets From Azure Active Directory

Introduction This article has been written to help find where the keys/secrets are in the Azure portal depending on how you have set up your application. It will also provide some help in regards to extending/changing the Client Secret for an Enterprise Application in a Multi-Tenanted Scenario.     Custom AAD Registration Keys/Secrets In order…

Query String is not allowed in redirect_uri for Azure AD

Problem: Customer configures the following redirect URLs for his registered application in Azure AD and issues the following request to authenticate to Azure AD: GET<tenant id>/oauth2/authorize?client_id=<app id>&redirect_uri=https%3a%2f%2flocalhost%3a44396%2fbac%2faad%3freqId%3dA123&response_mode=form_post&…. After logging in he is redirected to https://localhost:44396/bac/aad instead of https://localhost:44396/bac/aad?reqId=A123. The redirected URL does not have anything after the query string. Root Cause: The behavior is…


V2 App Registration is missing an “Add Owner” button

Problem: Customer registers an application in the app registration portal ( He is not able  share the application with other users since the “Add Owner” button is missing. Root cause: This problem can happen if the user registers the application in the app registration portal (V2 portal) under his personal MSA account. The behavior is…

Changing an existing Native Application to a Web App/API to get existing keys

Introduction   This article is meant to help get the keys from your native application. We used to show the keys in native applications however we took out that feature because the native application is not meant to have keys/secrets. As a result some people have had keys/secrets with their native applications however they currently…


Tracing All Network Machine Traffic Using MITMProxy for Mac OSX

Introduction This article is meant to help you configure your Mac OS X to be able to track all your network traffic using MITMProxy. This is a free and open source alternative to Fiddler, Charles, and other network tracing alternatives for Linux/mac OS X systems. Also in addition MITMProxy is a more robust system that…


Configuring an App Service to get an Access Token for AAD Graph API

Introduction This post should show how to create an app service, configure authentication for the service, and then configure the authentication to get permissions to the AAD Graph API on behalf of the logged-in user. This post is an extension of the Azure App Service Token Store, the link to that can be found here….

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