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How to Use the ADAL .NET library to Call the Microsoft Graph API in a Console Application (Using Authorization Code Flow)

Introduction This post is to show how to use the ADAL .NET library to acquire a token interactively in a console application. It will go through setting up an Azure Active Directory Application, setting up the .net console application, acquiring an access token, and then make a HTTP request using the token acquired from the ADAL…


Unable to Delete Azure Active Directory Application Registration

Introduction This post is meant to go over the issue when the Azure Active Directory Application Registration delete button is grayed out. This issue could occur for a few reasons, and this document will go over the current known issues with Azure Active Directory Portal issues. This post will mainly go over the issues detailed…


Unable to Modify User Email, Phone Number, Password or Other Personal Information for Azure Active Directory Users

Introduction This post is in regards to the issues in regards to users having issues modifying Azure Active Directory User attributes such as mail, phone number, resetting passwords, or other personal attributes in user accounts. This will review the reason behind these changes and how to resolve the issue. For many users this was something…


How to filter Fiddler capture traffic using host name and process name

This post discusses a couple of ways to filter Fiddler traffic based on domain names (or host names) and client process(es): Note that before using filter you should make sure Fiddler is configured to capture all processes.  This is indicated at the bottom left corner of Fiddler window.  That area is clickable to change the…


Capture http(s) traffic with Http Fiddler

1 – Download the Fiddler 4 application and install it on the machine used to reproduce the problem (if you have not already).  Go to http://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler 2 – Enable the option to  decrypt HTTPS traffic: Tools -> Options -> Https -> select ‘decrypt HTTPS Traffic’ (you may be prompted to install the Fiddler certificate -…


How to Add an Azure AD Role to a Enterprise Application (Service Principal)

Introduction This post is to help users be able to assign administrative roles to Enterprise Applications/Service Principals so that they can perform duties that would otherwise require a user with elevated permissions to accomplish. This is convenient when a user wishes to use a service principal in order to reset a password, or to perform…


How to Create a New Schema Extension Using the Microsoft Graph Explorer

Introduction This post is to provide a tutorial on how to create a schema extension utilizing the Microsoft Graph Explorer. In this post we will, login to Microsoft Graph Explorer, create the V1 AAD Application, and make the Microsoft Graph Schema Extension call.   Getting the Access Token Please navigate to the Microsoft Graph Explorer…