About my office room…

As I read Zillow's web page, which is one of the most hyped startups in Seattle, I came across the About my house... page for each of the executives. I thought it was a great idea so, in true form, I ripped it off and came up with my own version for my office room.

I love that I have my own office after two and a half years of working at Microsoft. I love how Mark and Suhail keep me entertained when they try to balance on my wobble board as they make excuses for why they 'really' came to talk to me. 🙂 I love that Pedro drops by to bug be about my blog every time I make a stupid post. And finally, I love the way that I can hop across the hallway and land straight into Bill's office without having to touch the hallway floor.

I'm not sure Bill appreciates that as much as I do... 


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  1. Bernie says:

    Yes, he can actually hop across the hallway – we made him do it prove that it can be done 🙂

  2. I was walking down the hallway, heading home yesterday evening, and I see Ali jumping across the hallway…

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