Show me the value!

I wanted to make our key value proposition for the application architect scenario public, so that I could get feedback on whether this aligns with most architect expectations of the tool. As a note, these exclude the key value propositions specific to guidance, model analysis, extensibility and deployment.


The purposes of these key value propositions (KVP) are that they give us a means to distinguish the value that a particular scenario offers, thereby, allowing us to prioritize the scenario according to the prioritization we give a particular KVP for the release.


We have three key value propositions for Orcas: increasing value of design artifacts, improve collaboration between architects and other personas in the development lifecycle, and tooling to support the architectural design process. (value, collaboration, process)


As the weeks go by, I will elaborate on each of these key value propositions. I look forward to any feedback that you may have, especially if you think that we’ve overlooked a key value proposition or if you have a particular insight that we might have missed. I also look forward to feedback on how people rank the current toolset.



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