Rough around the edges?

As a V1 product, the product is a little rough around the edges. We hope to resolve most of these issues in the next version of the product.

Therefore, we, in the product group, are looking for people who have purchased the VSTS Architect SKU in order to understand the problems that they are facing. Furthermore, if you contimplated getting the VSTS Architect SKU and decided not to, for any particular technical reason, we would also like to get an idea of why.

Please drop me an email by selecting the "Contact" link on the left. I promise to email you back, as soon as you do. Alternatively, feel free to add your comments onto this post.


Ali Pasha

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  1. As an architect I contemplated getting the VSTS Architect SKU. Apart from designing applications I am also closely involved in coding and reviewing code of my fellow team-members. After evaluating Team Architect, I found the lack of code analysis unacceptable. When collaborating in a team project with code analysis check in policies set, the Architect SKU breaks. Check out this blog entry about my experiences:

    So in the end I decided to go with the Developer SKU when migrating my MSDN Universal subscription.

  2. Ali Pasha wants to hear from people about Team System Architect.

    Rob Caron points to a post on Advanced…

  3. MSDN Archive says:


    I appreciate you taking the time to make me aware of this issue. Phil (lead QA) and I are currently looking into the issue. We are talking with the team that owns code analysis to see what can be done.


  4. Travis Plummer says:

    I’m heavily using the Application Designer right now. This tool shows promise, but has alot of issues right now. Some rough edges to mention are the multiple steps required to keep the diagram in sync when custom proxies are involved and when proxies are kept in assemblies other than the Web Project generated when you "implement" the app. This really breaks the notion of the code being the model etc ect. Very finicky in terms of what you can do with a reversed engineered apps config file. Soap extensions configured properly (working at compile and runtime) result in sync errors (very frustrating). Overall lack of guidnace as to why a diagram is locked (the docs explain the conditions but I shouldn’t need to go through that list, let the damn tool tell me). Anyways, my 2 cents.

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    Travis, thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. I have forwarded your feedback to the team as customer evidence. Mark Groves and I are actively looking at enhancing (or improving) our custom proxies support by the next release, if not sooner.

    If there are specific bugs that you want to see fixes for in the SP, please log them at sure that you select "Visual Studio Team System" as the product.

    Logging product feedback bugs is important because the service pack’s goal is to unblock customers. Therefore, bugs filed through MSDN Product Feedback have a large chance of getting fixed.



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