DSD Walkthroughs – Okay I’ve got the December CTP, now how do I start using the designers again?

If you're trying to use the Distributed System Designers in the December CTP, I must highly recommend you take a look at the walkthroughs.

They can be found in Help under Visual Studio Team System->Team Architect->Distributed System Designers->Getting Started with Distributed System Designers.

Click here for an image of the walkthrough location

The following is the recreation of the Logical Datacenter used in Walkthrough: Applying Constraints to a Logical Datacenter and Walkthrough: Validating an Application System for Deployment:

Click here to view the walkthrough LDD


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  1. Ali Pasha says:

    RobCaron’s been kind enough to actually upload the LDD file itself.

    This is pretty useful:




  2. Ali Pasha says:

    I recommend that you "Save Target As…" LogicalDatacenter1.ldd

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