.NET Developers Journal Article – Distributed System Design Suite

Here’s a good Distributed System Designer overview article in the latest copy of the .NET Developers Journal by Alex Torone:


Distributed System Design Suite

Visual Studio Team Architect is a suite of graphical design tools, targeted at architects and developers, to be delivered with Visual Studio 2005. It supports the Visual design and validation of connected systems. Visual Studio Team Architect is an early deliverable from the Dynamic Systems Initiative (DSI), aimed at improving the design, deployment, and management of enterprise-class distributed systems.


Alex is one of the senior Program Managers in my product group who really played an instrumental role in shaping the product as is exists today. He is also in charge of the Distributed Architect Tooling task force that is defining distributed tools across the division for future releases of Visual Studio (Orcas) and Indigo.


Let me know what you think of the article…




ps. If you're interested in meeting Alex Torone, he should be presenting in the Architect's Track at TechEd 2005 in Orlando, FL..

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  1. Ali Pasha says:

    Furthermore, I highly recommend the article as Alex Torone was formally recognized internally by our division (Visual Studio Team System) for the effort he put into writing it.

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