CloudStorageAccount.Parse is your friend

When I started writing my first Azure app, one of the first issues I ran into was dealing with Azure storage — I couldn’t figure out how to set it up in my code so I could use it. I found this nice article about how to structure your connection strings, but what it didn’t…


Re-launch of my blog

This will be, in restaurant parlance, a “soft opening”: no fanfare, we’ll see if anyone notices. If there are any followers of this blog — and considering my last post was three years ago, I find that highly unlikely — you will notice I’ve changed some things. And I plan on changing more. Previously, the subject…


The reports of VBA’s demise have been greatly exaggerated.

There have been spurious reports in the media saying that VBA is dead. Caused quite a firestorm around here as you might imagine — ’cause it just plain isn’t true.There is an official statement on the VSTO blog here: \


VSTO Architecture Demo from TechEd and MSDN WebCast

Good news here — for me especially :). The demo code from my VSTO Architecture talk at TechEd and in the recent MSDN WebCast is already (mostly) posted here. My colleague Andrew Whitechapel had written the WPF Control and the WCF service that I used in my demo — which really makes it mostly his demo (thanks…


TechEd and MSDN Webcast Demos

Geez, I’m looking at this blog, and I’m realizing I’ve only posted once this year, and that post said I would post more often. What a lame-o! Since my last post I have been busy. I’ve spoken at two TechEds — in the US in Orlando and in Europe in Barcelona. I totally recommend Barcelona…


Back Into the Light

And out of the dark… I’ve been dark for a while now, time to come out and let you know what’s been going on. I’ve been heads down writing code for VSTO v3 and VSTA v2 due to release — hopefully, no promises — later this year. The new version of VSTO is built upon…


VSTA and Generics

VSTA has been officially released now, in InfoPath in the 2007 Office System, and for use by third parties in the VS SDK. So we’re getting our first batch of feature requests. Far and away the biggest request so far is generic support. Admittedly, generic support for VSTA hosts is limited. I know it’s an…


Outlook 2007 Form Region Sample – Second Edition

Office 2007 is official today, so it is time to update my Form Region Sample. The big difference is new methods on the _FormRegionStartup interface. With input from us here in VSTO, Outlook changed the interface to make it easier to use from VSTO addins and more  friendly to managed dlls. The two new methods…


Outlook 2007 Form Region Sample

I’ve finally finished my Form Region Sample for Outlook 2007 that was promised. I’ve been working on it in earnest for a couple weeks now in my spare time. I am now resisting the urge to continue tweaking it: it is time to lockdown and ship. The urge to tweak is there because this is…


Back in Redmond

It’s good to be home. But we had a great time in Europe and learned a ton. The best thing I learned is that ISVs are using VSTO and using it well. Hopefully they learned from us as well. I have nothing but good things to say about the Frontline program, it was a rousing…