Leaving Microsoft

This will be last blog post to this blog, as I am leaving Microsoft effective Monday, October 17.  Post-Microsoft I’ll be contracting (data projects, both production and education) and spending more time growing ‘Teaching Kids Programming’ around the world.  Two years ago someone dear to me gave me the book below, little did I know…


New blog location for SoCalDevGal

Check out my new blog (‘Toward Data Craftsmanship) at http://www.LynnLangit.com Also note my twitter handle is now @lynnlangit. I’m preparing for 10 live talks on SQL Server and SQL Azure in October alone, so RSS to get lots of new content as I post after each talk this month.  I am also preparing a series…


SQL Azure Developer Tools

Deck for my presentation this Saturday at SQL Saturday #95 in San Diego – it has been updated and includes information about the newly-updated SQL Azure management portal. SQL Azure for SQL Saturday #95 View more presentations from Lynn Langit


SQL Server and SQL Azure for Developers

Here are the decks from my presentations for TechEd Australia this week.  The sessions will be recorded.  I’ll post the links after – thanks. SQL Server 2008 R2 Features for Developers View more presentations from Lynn Langit. And Here SQL Azure Tools and Frameworks for Developers View more presentations from Lynn Langit. Here is the…

SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 for Developers

Here’s my deck for my presentation for TechEd / New Zealand (to be delivered live and recorded next week in Auckland).  Below the deck are links to the demo files as well. SQL Server 2008 R2 SP1 for Developers View more presentations from Lynn Langit. Demos on 1) New features in T-SQL – here 2)…

A Technical Conference Filled with Women

Ok now that I have your attention (!), I am going to write a bit about my first experience at the international, annual Agile conference.  Agile 2011 was held in Salt Lake City, Utah last week.  I attended and spoke (on ‘Teaching Kids to Program Using Agile Practices’) and had a GREAT time.  This conference…

Teaching Kids Programming with Agile Practices

Here’s our deck from the international Agile2011 conference, where we are presenting tomorrow.  Our talk is called ‘Teaching Kids Programming with Agile Practices.’ Teaching kids programming with agile 2011 View more presentations from Llewellyn Falco


SQL Server Developer Tools (Juneau)–first look

I have been preparing a talk (for an internal Microsoft product training) on the new SQL Server Developer Tools (or SSDT – code named ‘Juneau), based on the SQL Server vNext CTP 3 (code named – ‘Denali’). I encourage you to try this out.  To do so, you’ll need to have Visual Studio 2010, with…


SoCalDevGal on TWIC9

I co-hosted the MSDN show ‘This Week in Channel 9’ with Brian Keller – enjoy!

Teaching 10 year olds to code using the MVC pattern

Teaching ADLIBS TKP Tips: Teaching the SmallBasic ADLIBS recipe The parts of the ADLIBS recipe are as follows: 1) Recipe – guided line-by-line translation, to teach core concepts. For ADLIBS, you are building on what the kids learned in all of the previous drawing recipes (core IDE and language concepts such as objects, methods, etc…)…