She said “Of course I will”

And with a panoramic sunset view of Seattle and the Eastside before us, I slipped the engagement ring on to her finger last night. So now it’s official, Ian. 🙂


R.I.P. SoftICE

A sad, sad day… As of April 3rd, 2006 the DriverStudio product family has retired. For customer support information please contact our FrontLine website. Vast portions of my writing during the 1990s wouldn’t have been possible without SoftIce. For years, I had SoftIce always running, secure in the knowledge that I could drop in…


The death of 3rd party system tools?

A co-worker recently asked me what I thought about the upcoming hardening of the x64 versions of Windows, which makes it harder to write cool programs like Compuware’s SoftIce, or RegMon & FileMon from SysInternals. The gist is that Windows will attempt to block modification of  the IDT/GDT and the system call tables, except by authorized Microsoft…


Fun with Iterators and state machines

I recently was given a piece of C# code with statements like:   yield return value;   and   yield break;   This was the beginning of my descent into the loopy world of C# 2.0 iterators.  It took me awhile to wrap my head around them, and when I tried to explain them to…


More on SoftIce, from one of its parents

Frank Grossman, one of the original authors of SoftIce and owners of NuMega sent this around to some of us old-time NuMega folks. I figured some of my readers might get a kick out of it. It’s filled with inside references which I won’t try to describe, although some might be guessable. Subject: RE: R.I.P….


Your suggestion(s) needed

It’s been awhile since I wrote for MSDN magazine. Now that I work for Microsoft, the whole financial situation changes.  The short story is that I don’t get paid for any articles or columns I might write for them.  I’m not crying about this too much, as my personal life keeps me busy enough, and I’m…


"Source Server" – The best "Hidden" feature in Whidbey Debugging

On the drive to work today, Chris Sells asked me what was new & cool with Whidbey debugging. Somewhere on my list was “Source Server” support. Chris’s ear’s perked up at that. I told him to dig around for an article, as I was sure somebody like John Robbins had already written about it. Turns out,…


Fun with SpyAxe

Normally I don’t hit by viruses. I’m very good with Windows Update and keeping the anti-virus signatures up to date on my machine. Thus, I was very surprised yesterday afternoon when I saw a blinking tray icon and a badly worded balloon message indicating that I had an “infection”.   A quick check showed that…


ETW Tracing: How and Why?

Awhile ago, I wrote about examining the structure of ETW Events by look at the MOF data in CIM Studio.   Having recently started ETW instrumentation of the VS2005 Profiler components, now’s a good time to talk about creating and writing your own ETW events.   Why bother with ETW tracing? After all, tracing mechanisms…


Real Rock still lives!

It’s sad, but lately a lot of the music I love is released overseas first. Thanks to the internet, I can easily bypass the stupid release schedules of the record labels. Most recently, the Datsuns put out a new album (Outta Sight/Outta Mind) in the UK. It’ll be several months before the disk hits the shelves…