SharePoint 2007 – Search Results icons either empty or cannot be displayed

if Search results icons have a red cross that they cannot be displayed or empty like unrecognized MIME type, then have a look in your docicon.xml any misconfiguration of the file will lead to 1- instability of file icons 2- document cannot be opened normally by office products by misconfiguration here i mean  : (the…


Do we support i64 itanium processors across all our products ?

YES/NO   Product On Supported SharePoint 2010 Windows Server 2008 R2 Foundation No   Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Yes   Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Yes   Windows Server 2008 R2 Datacenter Yes   Windows Web Server 2008 R2 No   Windows HPC Server 2008 No   Windows Server 2008 R2 for Itanium-based systems…


WCF-Oracle Adapter for BizTalk 2009

to be able to develop BizTalk applications to work with Oracle 11g here are the configurations: Development Machine (Visual Studio) BizTalk 2009 Machine Oracle Data Access Components ODAC.NET Oracle Client (this installs the Oracle Data Provider Oracle.DataAccess.dll in the GAC)   Oracle Data Access Components ODAC.NET Consume Adapter Metadata Visual Studio Add in…


SharePoint 2010 – So What is new in Timer Jobs?

1- this is the timer job edit definition window. we can now filter on currently running, scheduled to run, history views of jobs 2- i can now start a job manually (force it to start now) instead of waiting to next schedule 🙂 check the “Run now” button in the image


SharePoint 2010 – Developer Dashboard is not working ?

  if you are using SQL authentication as opposed to windows authentication, developer dashboard will not work since it might compromise some passwords. this has been decided when building the dashboard


Start / Shutdown SharePoint 2010 using PowerShell

Start SharePoint 2010 ———————————# Start SharePoint 2010 Services”Starting SharePoint Server 2010″”SPTimerV4″,”WebAnalyticsService”,”SPWriterV4″,”DCLoadBalancer14″,”DCLauncher14″,”SPUserCodeV4″,”SPTraceV4″,”SPAdminV4″,”OSearch14″,”SPSearch4″ | ForEach-Object { $servicePrior = get-service $_ “$_ : ” + $servicePrior.status Start-Service $_ $serviceAfter = get-service $_ “$_ : ” + $serviceAfter.status }” SharePoint Server 2010 is Up and running” Shutdown SharePoint Server 2010——————————————–# Stop SharePoint Services”Stopping SharePoint 2010″”SPTimerV4″,”DCLoadBalancer14″,”DCLauncher14″,”SPWriterV4″,”SPUserCodeV4″,”SPTraceV4″,”SPAdminV4″,”WebAnalyticsService” ,”OSearch14″,”SPSearch4″ | ForEach-Object { $servicePrior…


SharePoint 2010 – Hosting a Tenant in a Web App vs Site Collection

if every tenant is hosted in its own web application : pros : 1- separate web.config 2- separate SLA (like access channels, zones, etc…) 3- separate management for IIS (since IIS can see the wep application level) cons : 1- different socket (IP:Port) even if we have to use host headers. it is a separate…


Save your customers money by hosting media on

if you have any portal solution that incubates media (audio, video) you can either 1- save those files on local servers (file server or sharepoint) 2- store them on a media host service like so basically the 2nd option will save your storage cost and bandwidth cost. you dont have to design around your…


Access Denied or Inactive items in the Ribbon SharePoint 2010 – but i have permission !!!

in SharePoint 2010  if you are getting access denied when you access “Configure Service Accounts” for instance or trying to create a new instance of a service application by navigating to manage serive applications page , but the new button is inactive and the properties button is inactive too. if you are sure you have…