Troubleshooter: Application Certificate cannot be accessed

Currently, the platform prepends the characters “WildcatApp-” to the application ID, and uses that as the name of the certificate to look up. So, the certificate that HelloWorld uses is: WildcatApp-05a059c9-c309-46af-9b86-b06d42510550 If the certificate cannot be accessed, the application will not run. There are several possible causes: The certificate is not installed in the machine’s…


Are the SDK samples available in VB?

Currently, all of our samples are available only in C#. If there is sufficient partner interest in us providing the samples in VB as well, we will consider doing that, but for now we are focusing on expanding our sample set and improving our documentation.


HealthVault users outside the US

Q: We’re interested in developing a HealthVault applications, but our users are not in the US. Are there any plans for supporting other regions as well?   A: While supporting HealthVault outside of the US is consistent with our long-term vision, we have no announced plans to support other regions.


Can I develop HealthVault applications using something other than .NET?

HealthVault is an XML-based API that is accessed over https and can be called from any platform that supports that approach, but there are caveats to doing so. You should start by reading our announcement to understand how we are approaching this area. The following libraries are currently available: A Java library (CodePlex) A Ruby library (CodePlex) A Ruby…


My app was working before but now i get access denied

Several folks have run in to issues, where their application was working fine at some point and now they see an error like –  [HealthServiceAccessDeniedException: Access is denied.]   Microsoft.Health.EasyWebRequest.WaitForCompletion() +438   Microsoft.Health.EasyWebRequest.Fetch(Uri url) +150…   Microsoft.Health.AuthenticatedConnection.Authenticate() +79…  The cases typically are- The application was working fine in PPE (pre production environment) or Production environment and you recently…

Microsoft.Health.HealthServiceException: The unique identifier for the person cannot be ‘00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000’.

A few application developers have seen this error message when trying to read data from a HealthVault record using an OfflineConnection.  Here is a code fragment which could generate this error: OfflineWebApplicationConnection offlineConn = new OfflineWebApplicationConnection(personGuid);offlineConn.Authenticate();HealthRecordAccessor accessor = new HealthRecordAccessor(offlineConn, recordGuid);myName = offlineConn.GetPersonInfo().Name; My first thought is always “did you remember to set both the RecordId…


Debugging proxy issues

Your web server is usually happy to respond to requests from outside users but is often not configured to initiate calls to an outside service like HealthVault.  Your proxy/firewall needs to be configured to allow this type of traffic.  The specific configuration steps vary depending on which software your company uses, but there is an…


Energy Burn from Pedometer Data

With the release of HealthVault 0901 (late January 2009), applications that access data uploaded from Omron 720ITC pedometers are no longer able to retrieve a value for calories burned during exercise.    Applications that use the Exercise data type (the replacement for the AerobicSession type in the 0901 release) are impacted by an issue with the…