TS/RDC/RDP Failure in 2003/XP clients

If you are getting this error message when attempting to establish a Remote Desktop Connection (formerly known as a Terminal Services Client session) you may need to install the new 6.0 version of the client.   The remote computer requires network level authentication, which your computer does not support   http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/925876


Creating a report in X++ code and running

Here is a small job that demonstrates the main parts of build a report dynamically in X++ and launching it.   static void MakeReportJob(Args _args) {     #AOT     str reportName = ‘aaMakeReport’;     tableid custTableId = tablenum(CustTable);     TreeNode reportNode = TreeNode::findNode(#ReportsPath);     Report areport;     ReportDesign design;     ReportAutoDesignSpecs specs;     ReportSection section;…


X++ Server Threads

You can create threads in X++ to perform tasks in the background.  Here is a vey simple class that demonstrates the basics.   class ThreadDemo {     static server void main()     {         Thread t;         ;         new ExecutePermission().assert();         //BP Deviation Documented         t = new Thread();         t.run(classnum(ThreadDemo), staticmethodstr(ThreadDemo, run));    …


Visual Studio Macro for Live Search

Here is a Visual Studio macro that takes the highlighted text and starts a search of the msdn/msdn2 sites.  It often works better than the built-in help system.  I usually assign it to hot key Alt+F1.   ‘————————————————————————– ‘You will need to add a reference to ‘System.Web’ for HttpUtility.UrlEncode ‘————————————————————————– Public Sub SearchLiveForSelectedText()     Dim…


Enable Debug on Server

When single stepping through X++ code on the client you can bump into code that can only execute on the server.  In a default deployment you will not be able to single step through the code.  To enable this feature you must turn it on in the ‘Microsoft Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility’ tool.  …


Command Line To Import Data

In Axapta 4.0 you can use the -startupcmd=autorun_ command line option to batch import data is two steps.   1. Create an xml file (demoData.xml for example) that looks like this: <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″ ?> <AxaptaAutoRun exitWhenDone=”true” version=”4.0″ logFile=”axautodata.log”>        <CompanyAccounts >               <Company name=”Demo Company” id=”DMO” overwrite=”true” />        </CompanyAccounts>        <DataImport companyId=”DMO” file=”demoData.dat”…


Live Meeting Error “An error has occured while creating an error report”

I was having the following bug with live meeting.  Immediately after starting live meeting a small dialog box would pop up with this error message.  The dialog was behind the main Live Meeting window.  In a few seconds Live Meeting would disappear.  The problem was caused by the Data Execution Prevention (DEP) feature for Windows. …


Args and the Axapta Construction Pattern

When looking through Axapta code you will see a lot of references to the type Args.  This type is used as a general method for sharing construction parameters.  It works well because in the Axapta usage pattern because   the typical number of parameters is small the types of parameters used is very similar construction…


Using dimof() on a Dynamic Array

I stumbled across some older X++ code that was using the little know dynamic array.  It took a while to find out how to retreive the size of the dynamic array.  Here is a little example of using a dynamic array in Axapta:   int foo[]; int r; ; foo[10] = 1; r = dimof(foo); …


Know where the fall line is

Microsoft is full of interesting people.  Some of the guys in my group go snowboarding once a week and they are kind enough to take me along and show me the ropes.  We usually go to the Stevens Pass one day a week after work.  If you leave a little early, around four, you can…