C++ support added to Class Designer in VS 2007 March CTP

  The March CTP of Visual Studio 2007 will have support for C++ projects in Class Designer.  This will be limited only to visualizing your existing code from native C++ projects. Editing code from Class Diagrams and Managed C++ projects will not be supported in the Orcas release due to time/resource constraints. Cheers, Ramesh Rajagopal. Class…


Class Designer File Format

In the past few months, we have covered Class Designer features in the upcoming Visual Studio 2005 release.  After reading these articles, you have probably noticed that the serialization format for the diagram file (.cd file extension) is in plain XML format.  In this article, I will describe the Class Designer file format in detail….


June CTP available

For more information about this CTP and see if you really want to install it, see this post in Rob Caron’s blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/robcaron/archive/2005/06/15/429278.aspx I’ll add that this build should have the option to show method signatures on the diagram.Thanks,Ramesh Rajagopal.


Class Designer Hands on Lab in TechEd 2005

I will be attending this year’s Microsoft TechEd in Orlando Florida from 6/6~6/10. There’s a HandsOnLab (HOL007 in ARC07 track) for the Class Designer beta2 bits which you can try it out. I will also be spending 25 hrs in the ARC cabana booth. That’s like 4~5 hrs a day. Please swing by and we can chat…


No Articles for the next few weeks…

You’ve probably know why we will not have blog articles for the next few weeks. The team is currently busy working on fixing bugs. We will resume our weekly blogs articles in a few weeks.  In the meantime, please let us know specifically:1. What topics would you like us to cover?2. Suggestion on future features. Thanks ahead for your input!Patrick…


PowerToys for the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer and Distributed System Designers

We’ve published a set of set of add-ins which augments existing functionality in the Visual Studio 2005 Class Designer and the Distributed Systems Designers. The Design Tools Enhancements add-in provides a common set of features that can be used by both the Class Designer and the Distributed System Designers, such as pan/zoom window and rich…


Orphan Shape in the Class Designer

One of the biggest value propositions of the Class Designer is to keep class diagrams always in-sync with code – in fact it is supposed to be another view of your code.  Code is the ‘model’ behind class diagrams.  If you open a class diagram file in an xml editor you will find that all…


Using Class Designer to document your code – Exporting diagrams as images

One of the design goals of Class Designer was to enable developers to easily document the design of applications and keep it in sync with the code. Class diagrams residing in Visual Studio projects solve this purpose very well, however more traditional documentation formats commonly used for external documentation or presentation such as Microsoft Office…


Class Designer Integration with Source-Code Control

Class Designer Integration with Source-Code Control                          Class Designer is built for use with solutions checked into source-code control systems.  For those of you using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS), this will mean you are plugged into Team Foundation source control.  If you are using a Standard or Professional SKU then you can install Visual…


Auto Layout of Class Diagrams

By now you hopefully have the beta 2 version of Class Designer. If not, maybe this beta 2 feature will convince you to get it. One of the new features in Class Designer beta 2 is Auto Layout. In the olden days (pre beta 2), the default layout you got when you visualized classes on…