Red Hat’s Cloud Access enabled for Microsoft Azure Germany

We are pleased to announce the expansion of the Microsoft and Red Hat partnership to Azure customers in Germany. This provides Azure Germany customers additional options to migrate their Red Hat subscriptions to Microsoft Azure Germany, a Microsoft cloud with German data trustee. This extends Microsoft Azure’s certification as a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Service…

Download : Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 CU3

As you aware that Microsoft Exchange 2016 now adheres to a scheduled delivery model. In this model, cumulative updates are released quarterly. Now you can download the Cumulative Update 3 for Exchange Server 2016. It resolves issues that were found/reported to us in Exchange Server 2016. So this update rollup is highly recommended for all…

9/26 – New Errata Archive Now Available

A version of the Windows Protocols errata issues from July 18, 2016 through September 26, 2016 is now available in PDF format for download at

9/26 – Errata added for [MS-RDPERP]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Remote Programs Virtual Channel Extension

Four changes at In Section 1.5, Prerequisites/Preconditions, clarified that the CHANNEL_FLAG_SHOW_PROTOCOL (0x00000010) has to be set in the flags field of the Channel PDU Header in order for it to be visible for all data that flows over the RAIL virtual channel. In Section 4.3.2, TS_RAIL_ORDER_EXEC_RESULT, changed RAIL_ORDER_EXEC_RESULT to TS_RAIL_ORDER_EXEC_RESULT. In Section, Processing…

9/26 – Errata added for [MS-RDPEFS]: Remote Desktop Protocol: File System Virtual Channel Extension

Two changes at In Section, Client Drive Close Response (DR_DRIVE_CLOSE_RSP), updated the size of the DeviceCloseResponse field from 21 bytes to 20 bytes and added the 1 byte Padding field. In Section, Client Announce Reply (DR_CORE_CLIENT_ANNOUNCE_RSP), changed ClientID to ClientId in the ClientId field description.