There have been a couple of asks recently, in various forums, on how to build drivers using Visual Studio. I thought since I had shown you how to make better use of Visual Studio as an IDE for driver writing, I better share the last yard of how people are integrating the WDK build environment(s) in to Visual Studio.

For those of you who don’t already know about or already use them, there are two commonly used tools to integrate the WDK build environment in to Visual Studio.  Please note that these are not Microsoft supported solutions by any means and any support questions should be directed towards the tool owners, not me.  I don’t use these tools internally.  I have some other voodoo that I use. 🙂

Speaking of Visual Studio, I’ve been using VS 2010 for the last few weeks and there is one SWEET addition I have to share with the group (again, some of you probably know about it already) -

You can undock source tabs and float them across your desktop(s)!

That makes for a happy Patrick when I can span code modules across my two 24” monitors all from one IDE. *g*  All of that awesomeness goes along with some nice performance increases in the IDE and the pretty new blue UI.  I’m sure there’s some other big ticket stuff the Visual Studio Team is just as jazzed about with 2010 edition. 😉

But don’t just take my word for it, go give it a spin for yourself;

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