I owe you all a large, humongous apology

Work and home work have prevented me from completing the 2nd part of the Intellisense Musical.  I had asked my wife if I could have Saturday to work on it, and of course after the trip to Lowes for paint supplies and spending hours with her setting things up and answering questions, it was time for me to make dinner.

I won't promise that I'll have it ready any time soon, but that I am working on it as I get the chance to.  The primary stumbling block from me just releasing what I have built internally is, well, it's got a lot of internal stuff in there and I'll guarantee you that won't go over well with superiors and the like. So I'm trying to make a generic enough version that you can all use (should you choose to) but something that also won't result in a cavalcade of "HELP" mails. 🙂

So, in deference to that, I've been pinged a couple of times and asked how to make it work when you're using a MAKE project file.  And in that case it's even easier than a C/C++ project.

*Currently playing - Not a single thing...

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