What we have here is a failure to communicate…

Hi everybody, sorry for this rather cryptic entry, but;

Stephen D. you asked me a question and my reply emails are being denied at the address you supplied. 

Nice to know that microsoft.com is on some company spam filter lists. 😉

I'm going to paraphrase the question for the benefit of the class though.

I would like to create a filter driver that intercepts HID input and either lets the driver continue normal processing or blocks the key.

Is that a candidate for a UMFD filter driver?

In short from what I infer from the original question, yes it is a candidate.  We have a UMDF HID sample in progress and as soon as I can ferret up some details about it's state / station in life I'll pass them along. 


In other news, work is starting on my hybrid driver.  We are entering the Design Phase (you can't see or hear me right now but I'm humming the Twilight Zone theme).

Stay safe and warm everybody.


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